About us

Grenfell Speaks, launched in June 2017 after the tragic Grenfell Tower fire, serves as a dedicated platform to capture, archive and share the voices of those affected by the disaster.

Our mission has always been to provide a continuous, authentic testimony of the aftermath through articles, videos, and podcasts. We believe in the power of community storytelling to drive social change and foster understanding.

We focus on highlighting the resilience, activism, and spirit of the Grenfell community through compelling storytelling, impactful campaigns, and opportunities for activism.

By challenging mainstream narratives, we aim to offer a platform where local voices can share their experiences and hold authorities accountable.

Our content aims to inspire, inform, and engage, reaching a global audience while staying rooted in the local community.

Though we hold strong convictions, we proudly feature a diverse range of perspectives, encouraging dialogue and understanding.

Our commitment to truth and integrity ensures that every story is told with the respect and depth it deserves.